What's the ABC’s of Small Batch Handcrafted Soap

Even though the countless shopping trips for yet more school supplies are safely in my rear view mirror, I am still left humming the tune from Jackson 5’s hit, ABC, much to the embarrassment of my kiddo! So, it is no surprise that I have been pondering what might be the most important ABC’s of  purchasing a small batch, handcrafted soap. 

Here in Colorado, with artisan rich weekends packed with late summer farmers markets and all kinds of festivals, you can’t wander down a vendor row without seeing a “new to market” artisanal soap enterprise on display!  I do enjoy discovering new, finely cut bars of lavender, oatmeal, sandalwood fragranced soaps.  I’ve been in the beauty product space for almost two decades now, so I am fairly discerning…AKA… picky when it comes to selecting a soap bar!  If I can impart my wisdom to those who are looking to rid their soap dishes of mass produced, toxin filled detergents, please read on!

For me, A signifies authentic when selecting one of Colorado’s artisanal quality soaps.  While the term authentic has been carelessly thrown around in the advertising realm lately, it is still important. I am not referring to the dictionary’s definition as “bold and unapologetic.”  I am referring to truthful, as in complete and unadulterated, from the ingredients on the label, the recyclability of the packaging, the badges of honor (Leaping Bunny, Certified Organic for example), and the guarantee of fair compensation paid to all involved in bringing a beautiful bar of soap to market. Because even if it lathers like no other, smells like a bouquet of roses, makes my skin glow as never before, refuse to buy if a lie is always my motto. In other words, make sure your small batch soap is the real deal.

B is better − plain and simple. When you decide to purchase a handcrafted bar of lovingly made artisanal soap, you are making a better decision for your body and the planet. Manos Soap Co. is a perfect example of better! Manos sources the finest ingredients, utilizes soap making best-practices as defined by the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild, packages its product using recyclable paper and commits to no animal testing as defined by the Leaping Bunny Program.       

C is for consistent. When you find a small batch soap brand you love, it is nothing short of despair when you realize the bar you just bought yesterday doesn’t moisturize your skin anything like the one you purchased last month.  Consistency is one thing that small batch manufacturers struggle with on a daily basis. 

To put this in perspective, I compare soap making to baking. One small discrepancy or alteration in the recipe, ingredients, temperature, etc. can make or break a batch whether it is chocolate chip cookies, or a bar of Himalayan Sea Salt Soap!  A finely handcrafted soap, such as those offered by Manos Soap Co., comes with the promise that each bar will offer the same in terms of quality and consistency.

If you can remember the above ABC’s as you explore the world of handcrafted soap, you will certainly rise to the head of the class, and more importantly be pleased with your new found cleansing bar and the brave maker behind the brand!