The team at Manos Soap Co. is headquartered in Colorado.  Their mission is to continue Kay's tradition of creating uniquely small batches of skin care products as a family.  With her daughter, Constance and her grandson, Robb, both leading a small but mighty team, Manos only uses ingredients that are pure and clean and wants to be sure that they make safer skin care and hygiene products accessible to everyone.  Kay would be proud.

C.Kay Manos, Constance, James

Constance Manos (Daughter)

F. Robb Caster (Grandson)

Graham Jewell
Social Media Coordinator

Amanda McLernon
Social Advertising Strategy

Musa Mahoney
Content Coordinator

Sean Bracey
Private Label Coordinator

Rebecca Ann
Lifestyle Photography

Marie Zecca
Business Development

Janelle Taylor
Corporate Ambassador

Janessa Ho
Amazon/Etsy Coordinator

E. Seth Panman
Sales Coordinator

Brennan McGuigan
Graphic Design

 James Mancebo
SEO/PPC Coordinator

Jens Johnson
Product Photography

Dimitrios Moscholeas
IP Attorney & Litigator