How To Give The Perfect Gift To A Best Friend?

Picking a suitable gift can always be a challenge! What to spend? What does the person like?  What are his or her interests?  What is the occasion?  All of these factors come into play, and usually when you have waited until the absolute last minute!    My simple solution to the gift giving dilemma− is it consumable?  Obviously this means food, right?  

But with a gift of food, an entirely different set of questions now must be considered!  Are there dietary restrictions…vegan, gluten free, diabetic, just plain ole diet?   Voila!  Enter my absolute favorite gift to give − a lovely bar or two of beautifully packaged soap!   

First, soap is consumable, my most important gift giving criteria.  Second, soap packaging these days is out of this world in terms of design and aesthetic!  I can barely walk into a gift store without spending time in front of what is typically a breathtaking display of soaps and other bath and body product.  Manos Soap Co. is no exception!  Manos uses a simple yet elegant and sophisticated watercolor and brush stoke design on each of its various soap bar boxes.  Each luscious bar is protected in a beautiful and glossy white box that anyone would be thrilled to give or receive.

Last week, I wanted to bring a little something for each of the members in my Summer Reading Book Club as we ended the season. I selected a unique Manos Soap for each of the members and drew attention to the soaps unique qualities when handing them out. 

Our fierce leader, with her obsessive attention to detail, enthusiasm for reading late into the night, pointed group discussion questions and obvious sleep deprivation, received a much needed bar of Epsom Salt Soap Bar in the hopes of restoring her to a less restive state!  I matched another member with Coffee Soap Bar to aid her tired muscles and joints as she trains for her first marathon.  And a lover of all things purple received the lovely Eucalyptus Lavender Soap Bar! And so on and so on.

Needless to say, we offered something for everyone in this tight knit book club to the delight of each recipient!  When in doubt, always give soap!