Does Deciphering Claims Made By Beauty Product Companies If They Are Really Legit?

If you answered yes to the above question, then you are not alone!  I too have ventured down that dark and windy road on more than one occasion.  And, just when I thought I was safe from purchasing products tested on my furry friends, I learned that many beauty companies hire others to do the animal testing on their behalf just so they can say “We don’t test our products on animals!”  Call me naïve, but who does that?  Well, I have learned that a lot of companies do just that, and even go so far as to create their very own logos and cute little bunnies citing a fictional “cruelty free” designation from a non-existent oversight organization. 

Thank goodness for Leaping Bunny Certification. Yes, another product packaging label badge, bearing a designation meant to reassure the consumer that they are doing good.  But, Leaping Bunny is the real deal, and the gold standard for beauty companies desiring to play by the rules and offer transparency throughout the entire manufacturing process.  Manos Soap Co. is proud to display the Leaping Bunny designation on each and every box of Manos Soap! 

What does Leaping Bunny mean exactly?  It is our promise to our customer! We will not source or include any ingredient in our Manos Soap product line that is tested on an animal. Period!  This means when we purchase an ingredient from another source, we are 100% certain this ingredient is cruelty free as defined by the Leaping Bunny Standard which you can read here, and should read if you care about making an informed decision about shopping cruelty free. 

In addition, not only do we vouch for our products, we make sure anyone we do business with throughout the manufacturing process of our soaps does the same!  And most importantly, we never hire a third party to do animal testing on our behalf!

If you have any questions regarding our ingredients and our Leaping Bunny commitment - reach out to us.  We love bunnies and all animals, and are doing our part to keep them safe from the cruelty inherent in animal testing.    

Finally, a light at the end of this particular rabbit hole!