What is the Best Antibacterial Hand Soap?

With news of the spread of COVID-19 getting worse, you may be on the lookout for hand sanitizer or looking to buy an expensive antibacterial hand soap.

Best Hand Soap for Fighting Coronavirus is All Soap

Many people are asking what is the best antibacterial hand soap to buy in this situation, but the answer is simpler than they think—just buy regular soap. 

The FDA banned antibacterial soaps in 2016 after research showed they are no safer, better, or cleaner than regular, natural soap. In fact, research proved that antibacterials added to soaps can do more harm than good when compared to natural soaps.

What is Bad with Antibacterial Soap?

Antibacterial soaps contain triclosane additives, which can actually increase bacteria’s resistance to antibiotics which is part of our The Banned List. These soaps work to kill some germs, but not all, and they don’t remove them from your hands, while natural soaps break up and remove germs and bacteria from your hands completely. 

So, if you are searching for the best antibacterial hand soap, make sure you get a regular soap that will keep you safe.

Using All Natural Soap is Much Better for You

Our soaps are all natural and we use ingredients with antibacterial properties, including epsom salt and eucalyptus. We never use dangerous antibacterial additives.