How to Use Goat milk on your Skin?

Is it me or are goats showing up everywhere these days?  Last week, a horse trailer full of goats was released for the week in a fenced plot of land in my neighborhood to help mitigate fire danger and curb unruly weeds!  The herd was even accompanied by an on-site goat herder and her rambunctious sheep dog. 

More Goat News

There is also the goat yoga phe-nom currently in vogue in studios across the country where a goat wanders around the class and participates in various poses. I am actually waiting to hear of “bring your goat to work day.” Coloradoans love this stuff!  And of course, there is goat’s milk soap and other goat milk based beauty products – the reason for this blog!   

Benefits of Goat Milk Soap

I first experienced the benefits of goat milk soap when trying a bar sourced from a family ranch outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  “Ranch made” anything catches my interest, and throw in a goat and I am hooked!  What I initially found most beneficial in goat soap was it's almost immediate impact on dry winter skin. It took me a few days to equate my recent soft skin to the new bar of soap in my shower. 

With no other variable to consider, I immediately dug out the soap’s packaging from the week’s trash (not necessarily proud of) to read the label. I was convinced goat’s milk was the trigger, and have since insisted on using it in my daily beauty routine! With all kinds of goat milk personal care products on the market, I can soak, bathe, rinse and repeat daily! 

How Goat Milk Soap Moisturizes Your Skin

Why does goat’s milk soap make my skin feel and look great, especially in comparison to cow’s milk based soap?  First, the protein and triglycerides found in milk make these soaps highly effective moisturizers. However, cow’s milk soap can cause acid to form in the body whereas goat’s milk, with a pH level similar to ours, is a much better skincare solution. A balanced pH is especially important for those experiencing breakouts attributed to hormones.

What Are Some Other Benefits?

Goat milk soaps such as our Goat Milk Soap Bar have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties! Full of vitamins such as A, B6, B12 and E and natural emollients, this favorite soap will hydrate and nourish your skin. 

As someone always on the lookout for products that are toxin free, our  commitment to both cruelty free processes and its practice of sourcing its goat milk from herds that aren’t fed GMOs or animal byproducts, and are raised on farms that are pesticide and insecticide free.

Try Our Goat Milk Soap!

If you are looking to incorporate all things goat into your daily routine, give the Goat Milk Bar a try.  I’m not kidding (pun intended!). In case my humor is lost – not the first time − a kid is a baby goat!  Aw!