5 Reasons to Ditch your Drugstore Soap

What are the reasons to ditch your drugstore soap? If I can successfully bypass the frozen food aisle and opt for fresh instead, why is it I continue to put a bar or two of mass produced, chemical filled soap in my shopping cart?  I guess in much the same way that I weaned myself off of microwavable dinners after years unhealthy habits, I need to be reminded of why I should not be purchasing drugstore soap!

First, unless you are shopping at Whole Foods or Natural Grocers, the majority of drugstore and grocery soaps are guilty of many atrocities that don’t need to be inflicted on my skin or anyone else’s for that matter.  First of all there is a reason these soaps are relatively inexpensive.  They are mass produced in large facilities using industrial low cost ingredients. These ingredients include heavy fragrance, unhealthy parabens, synthetic dyes and a host of other chemicals that are not good for your skin. These ingredients can disrupt our endocrine system (hormones!) and may even be carcinogenic. Our skin is our most useful detox organ. With so many pollutants in our environment, we want this system to work, and when we clog it with artificial ingredients it cannot effectively do its job. 

Second, drug store soaps can dry out our skin.  Ever wonder why the same company that produced your soap bar also produces a moisturizer that is just a few shelves away in the grocery store?  This is because the soap has a very different pH balance than your body which leads to itchy flaky skin. These soaps deplete our skin of its necessary oils, called sebum.  Consistent use of these low cost soaps can even lead to conditions such as eczema in some people.

Third, our skin helps with Vitamin D absorption which is very important to our overall health. An interesting study found that surfers are often deficient in Vitamin D!  This seems counterintuitive, right?  However, since they are in the water constantly, the skin’s natural oils are rinsed away. This is also the case when using many of the abrasive soaps on the market − they are ridding the skin of its natural oils and hindering Vitamin D upload.    

Fourth, our skin plays a helpful role in guarding us against harmful bacteria.  You may have heard the term microbiome − basically all the microorganisms found in and on the body.  I don’t mean to make you squeamish here!  A healthy microbione can actually protect us against infection!  Skin is critical to our overall immune system and the ability to fight off bad bacteria!  Washing away good bacteria with harsh soap can be detrimental.  Preservatives found in low cost, mass produced soaps can completely wreck the skins ability to do its job! 

Finally, with so many locally produced, natural and eco-friendly soaps such as Manos Soap Co., available in local stores, farmers markets, fairs and festivals, why purchase something that is second rate?  I love to discover new and locally made bath and beauty products at outdoor markets and when doing touristy things! There is always a local soap wrapped in lovely paper ready to take home as a gift or souvenir.  We offer an amazing selection of non-toxic, skin friendly and eco-conscious soap bars in a variety of fragrances and preferences in mind!