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When working with a private label soap company or supplier is an option if you want to introduce or incorporate handmade bars soaps or custom label liquid soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion manufacturers into your current line of products without having to go to all the trouble of making them yourself. Finding a private label soap manufacturer means that you don't have to purchase any soap-making equipment, ingredients, and packaging, as we'll do all the work for you.

Every batch of soap is made in a glass bowl and makes 8 bars of soaps. This method gives us the ability to look at every single batch, every single bar, to make sure the quality is to our standards. 


Handmade Bar Soap

Manos Soap Co. is one of the niche handmade small batch custom manufacturer of specialty bar soap. We are one of the few bar soap manufacturers to make soap bases such as saponified Oils of Coconut, Olive, Soybean, and Shea Butter; this enables us to create custom formulations based on your needs with different powders and essential oils. We do not use any micas, colorants and fragrances in our products. 



Our customers are looking for soap that is differentiated from the competition and aligned with their brand. Whether it is performance-based or visual or both, Manos' track record spans a host of products from soaps, bath bombs, body scrubs and lotions and our handmade soap developed with proprietary technologies and we found a way to cure soap within two weeks instead of the normal 4-6 weeks - so our turn around is faster than most. We are a Certified B Corporation, along with the Leaping Bunny Program Certified and lastly Women Owned Certified and soon-to-be EWG Verified on majority of our product line. 

Clients &


Our clients and customers represent the leading bar soap market today, they want natural, no chemicals and no formulas, they want something pure and so does our company. Many of our customer relationships span from friends, to family, to each others hands - which speaks to the value we bring through our innovation and manufacturing expertise.



First, we have an introduction discovery period. We make recommendations based on your selection of ingredients. Secondly, we then ship you a soap test of the product so your team can touch/smell and feel the soap bars for yourself. Thirdly, we both decide on packaging and stamping options for the soap. Then the soap is prepared for the quantity size of your choosing for your wholesale custom label soap. Our quantities range from 100 - 100,000 bars of soap. Since our cost from the ingredients, plant based powders to the base oils, all our custom soap bars can be ordered with or without packaging. Since every batch and bar is handmade we do not have scaling pricing model since quality is more important to us than trying to cut cost in making the best products for everyone.

Manos Soap Co.

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