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As with more and more allergens getting in our path way within nature, it's creating more and more people's skin to become even more levels of irritation. Our mother and grandmother Kay, believed in helping people and to really listen to their skincare stories and lastly create something that was meaningful to their lives. Such as when milk, soap and other perishables used to get delivered to a person's home or have a more personal interaction - between the client and the company. We want to bring that back.

Let's Create


Everyone has their favorite scents based from essential oils or maybe you need a specific soap for your skin type. 

So how this works, is you can select two different powders, (for example in our Oatmeal, Milk and Honey Soap we use White Kaolin Clay and Rolled Oats), you then can select any sugar or salts for exfoliants (for example in our Eucalyptus Lavender Soap we use Poppy Seeds), then lastly, you can select two different essential oils. Now essential oils tend to be strong, when you combine two specifically it helps lessen the scent. Our rule of thumb is we only use 1 tablespoon per 8 bars of soap we make in a small-batch glass bowel. 

You're purchasing eight (8) bars at 3.5 x 2.5 x 1 inches and 4.5oz (the same size as our bars) for your Custom Soap product. It takes 3-4 weeks for your soap to arrive at your residence or work. It takes us two weeks to make your soap batch from start to finish, then within 5-7 days to get it at your doorstep. It will be carefully wrapped each bar with tissue paper with an M seal on it. 

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