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For our CBD products we decided to partner with Hudson Hemp, located on a 2,400 acre organic-regenerative hemp farm in Hudson Valley, NY, which uses regenerative farming techniques for the betterment of our planet, people, and society. They have a mission for innovation which is learning to work with the intelligence of nature, not against it. When they do this, they wholly benefit the planet and their hemp practices. Their farms, Old Mud Creek Farm and Stone House Farm, began in 2013 transitioning to diversified, certified organic, non-GMO operations. They are among the first large farms to make this complete and successful move to regenerative practices whole-scale. By doing this, they will prove that land can be valued as an ecological resource while producing viable agricultural yields. With these principles for sustainability and transparency we knew Hudson Hemp would be a great partnership with our company.

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Cannabis - a medicinal plant whose true healing wonders are just starting to be known in the industry. What we know so far about the Cannabis plant is that it's many different parts and constituents of the plant which can aid in everything from anxiety to physical pain management to incredible skincare benefits and beautifying properties. Continue reading below to learn more about the different components that make up this Cannabidiol of the plant world. 

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Cannabidiol (CBD) specifically CBD Oil in skincare is known to have many benefits including reducing the appearance of irritation and soothing redness. Research suggests that CBD helps to mediate skin processes that regulate inflammation, pain, and chronic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis among other conditions as well. As more case studies and clinical trials are done on CBD with regards to the Cannabis plant, our understanding will evolve alongside these new findings.

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