Why Use Bar Soap for Washing Hands | Best Germ Protection Soap

Did you know that soap alternatives don’t even remove germs from your hands?

That’s why the CDC recommends washing your hands with soap and water over hand sanitizers, alcohol wipes, antibacterial soaps, and disinfectants… it works!

How Soap Can Protect You Against Germs 

Soap breaks up the fatty shells that surround viruses (including common influenza and coronavirus) and germs and binds with the water to wash it away, not only killing the germs but also removing them from your hands completely. Bar soap (Epsom Salt BarEucalyptus Lavender Bar and Charcoal Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Bar) is even better because you can avoid touching plastic pumps that some bacteria and viruses can still live on.

So, what about antibacterial soap? 

The FDA found antibacterial soap to be no more effective than regular soap when it comes to killing and washing germs away. Antibacterials, along with hand sanitizers and wipes, can actually make the problem worse, provide a false sense of security, and do damage to your skin as well as the environment.