A New Fall Season, A New Soap Bar

Fall has officially arrived and only an ostrich with its head in the sand would miss the signs that this much loved season has fully arrived.  Crisp mornings, red and gold peeking out from giants of green, light weight sweaters, worn jeans and sneakers, pumpkins and mums greeting customers at every grocery entrance!  There is no better time of year than fall! 

Not only do our surroundings seem to embrace this change in seasons, but so do our senses.  I can’t walk buy my favorite coffee shop without a whiff of pumpkin spice luring me in!  And candles with fragrances such as amber, maple and pecan have suddenly appeared where just last week there was citronella, lemon and lime!  The perfume counter has also followed suit, showcasing earthy and gender neutral scents such as musk and vanilla. 

So how about your soap dish?  Is it eager to showcase a soap bar certain to inspire autumnal stirrings and match your mood for rustling leaves, apple pie, tailgates and brisk walks!  If you are ready to say goodbye to fragrant florals for the next few months, which Soap Bar is most suitable for you?  With a dozen bars in its product offering, there must be a season’s worth (three!) to last you until winter!

The Sandalwood Soap Bar is the first that comes to mind.  Anything with “wood” in the name has to be perfect for encouraging frequent meanderings through forests in the fall!  But even more quintessential autumn is its blend of tobacco, vanilla and cocoa!   Need I say more?   And if that wasn’t enough to inspire you, sandalwood is known to relieve itching, inflammation and dehydrated skin!

My second selection, Patchouli Soap Bar, is almost as easy!  It's strong, slightly sweet and musky scent reminds me of wet soil, often a result of the light dustings of snow that come around this time of year.  Patchouli is also used to treat skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, acne and chapped skin. Patchouli Soap is also infused with lemongrass which boasts an extremely clean scent, and has antiseptic, astringent and healing properties.

Last, fall mornings are not complete without a hot cup of coffee outside on the porch wrapped in a robe or throw blanket. While that treat is typically reserved for the weekend, we offer its Coffee Seed Soap Bar as a near second!  Not only does the coffee seed oil soothe aching muscles and joints, its espresso fragrance oil entices the senses with notes of bitter-sweet chocolate, coconut and almond.  No better way to start the day!   

I hope you enjoy the fall and these seasonal soap recommendations!